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- The Redeemer's Key Ministry Toolbox (Spanish)

Ministry Options & Costs
Ministry Options & Costs

Comprehensive Ministry sessions reflect broadly on many interconnected life-issues involving your spiritual journey, key relationships, pivotal experiences, etc. These sessions take from 5-8 hours.
Focused Ministry sessions deal with a particular problem for which you are seeking resolution. These sessions take 1 -2 hours. A preliminary phone conversation will help determine the most appropriate ministry option for you.

Application Fee: There is a one-time $20 fee due upon application. This covers the cost of your 42-page Ministry Toolbox and helps defray the expenses of training our Encouragers.

Suggested Honorariums: Our team members offer biblical spiritual services to anyone who desires them regardless of ability to pay. That said, our Encouragers and Prayer Partners serve as volunteers in this ministry in service to Christ. To do so requires balancing family needs, jobs and other ministry obligations to be available to serve. A financial gift can be such a blessing for the time invested in your healing and freedom. We ask that you prayerfully consider a gift of at least $100 for Comprehensive Ministry and at least $25 for Focused Ministry. We also encourage you to bless your Prayer Partner with a token of appreciation as well. These gifts are to be given directly to your Encourager and Prayer Partner at the conclusion of your session.

- Application & Release Form

- The Redeemer's Key Ministry Toolbox

- Pre-session Packet

Downloadable Resources:

To make an appointment for personal ministry:
1. Download the Application & Release Form. Complete it and mail it to Open Door Christian Fellowship with a $20 application fee. There may be up to an 8-week waiting period once your application has been received.
2. Download and read the Pre-Session Packet. This includes an introduction to The Redeemer's Key ministry and two short teachings: Hearing God's Voice and Focusing on Forgiveness. Reading the Pre-Session Packet puts you on the same page to work with us and to receive from the Lord.
3. You will receive a 42-page Redeemer's Key Ministry Toolbox at your first session. This is yours to keep and use for subsequent sessions.



How can I receive personal ministry?