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Focus on Forgiveness Not Bitterness - Exchange the bondage of bitterness for the freedom of forgiveness.

Focus on Divine Heritage Not Human Heritage - Rise above your human heritage to embrace the characteristics, status, and possessions you inherited when you were born again and became a child of God.

Focus on Christ's Victory Not Satan's Schemes - Enforce Christ's victory over four of Satan's favorite schemes: fear, hatred, sexual sin, and involvement in the occult/witchcraft.

Focus on Godly Beliefs Not Ungodly Beliefs
- Bring your thinking into more perfect alignment with God's heart and mind by rooting out beliefs which do not line up with His Word, His nature, or His character.

Focus on Christ's Defense Not Self-Defense - Find greater intimacy with God by trusting Him to remove walls you have raised up in self-defense. You will then be free to receive what you have been missing.

Focus on Powerful Blessings Not Curses - Harness the power of your thoughts and words to give and receive blessings instead of curses, vows, and judgments.

Focus on Supernatural Healing Not Illness - Trust Jesus as your Healer and receive freedom from mental and physical illnesses.

Focus on Healthy Relationships Not Ungodly Soul Ties - Break ungodly soul ties so you will be free to enjoy strong, healthy relationships with God and others.

Focus on Clear Vision Not Colored Lenses - Identify and remove filters which prevent you from seeing others accurately and receiving every Biblical truth/promise personally.

Focus on Jesus Not Past Hurts - Find Jesus in the midst of past hurts and painful experiences. Receive His truth which will set you free.

Focus on Delegated Authority Not Demonic Opposition - Operate in the authority delegated to you by Christ to declare on earth what has already been established in heaven.

What's The Redeemer's Key all about?

Freedom is the ability to respond in life and to God as the person you were created to be. You live a powerful Christian life when you are plugged into who and what Jesus accomplished by His death and resurrection. By focusing on Christ, you allow the Holy Spirit to minister the things that Christ has accomplished.

You go where you look. When learning to ride a bike (especially around a corner), you are taught to look where you want to go. Direct your eyes in a specific direction and your body (and in this case, the bike) will naturally follow. So too in life: you go where you focus.

Focus determines which nature is in control. Your focus on things above does have power over flesh. It does have power to change your inner condition. It switches on and empowers the new nature in Christ. You live as those who have been raised with Christ. In other words, you live in resurrection power while still on the earth. The Redeemer's Key is a ministry toolbox containing alignment tools which can help you to come into a more perfect agreement with the heart of Father, the character of Jesus and the power of Holy Spirit.